Good design is good use of energy and good energy creates happiness

Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Engineering is primarily about providing human comfort, happiness and wellbeing.

​Our team of friendly Engineers work cooperatively to develop ‘feel good’ design solutions that embrace innovation and creativity.

We design practical systems that reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions and yet are easy to control and maintain.

We are well practiced in applying our knowledge and practical understanding throughout concept design, planning, design, construction, handover and during building occupation.

We integrate Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Engineering to deliver holistic building services solutions for many types of project, from highly acclaimed zero carbon private homes on green belt land to high rise and low energy towers in the Middle East to the renovation and refurbishment of small properties in the UK.

​The most sustainable buildings are the ones that people want to use and the satisfaction, comfort and safety of the people that we are designing for is of paramount importance to us.