Jamie Hillier


Professional Qualifications

  • BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering (1994-1996)
  • MEng (1997) Engineering Design

Professional Memberships

  • Chartered Member of the Institute of Structural Engineers (MIStructE)
  • European Chartered Engineer (EUR ING)

During Jamie’s 20 years of experience, he has a designed a wide range of high environmental quality, low energy innovative buildings. He has worked on and managed new-builds and refurbishments ranging from historic national monuments such as the British Museum through to London’s very first residential tower sat upon stilts; Heliport Heights.

Utilising his broad range of experiences and constructive collaborative abilities, he successfully orchestrates a full range of engineering disciplines, landscape and specialists to develop holistic solutions.

Jamie has the knowledge to identify missed opportunities in regards to the performance of the building fabric (insulation, air tightness, thermal bridges, colour, fenestration, etc), the performance of the existing buildings systems (efficiency, recovery, undersized/oversized), the ability to adapt existing systems to provide alternative high volume solutions (CAV/VAV, passive/mixed mode, recovery & minimise waste), and also the means to offer better control (simplicity, enhanced monitoring, etc).

Jamie is fully conversant with low energy traditions of the past (wind towers, thermal mass, labyrinths, solar massing, photo voltaics etc) and modern technological solutions (Biotechnlogies, phase change materials, interseasonal energy storage, etc), selecting the most appropriate response to the needs of the building and its users.

The success of Jamie’s work has resulted in buildings that are natural to their environment, easy to operate, consume less energy & water and are healthy and enjoyable to occupy.